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My Beautiful Blinds is committed to providing discount wood blinds, discount mini blinds, aluminum mini blinds and more with unsurpassed service with the convenience of easy online ordering and insured home delivery. We have partnered with our most reliable manufacturers to offer a wide selection of colors and styles of discount wood blinds, discount mini blinds, aluminum mini blinds and other styles at our supplier's lowest prices. By passing that savings on to you, we are able to grow our business with the help of your greatly appreciated referrals.

Discount Blinds the Easy Way

Our Competitive Niche: Providing the Basics. If you are looking for discount blinds, we will provide you with premium quality products and deeply discounted prices. Because we focus our efforts on a limited product list, we are able to under price our competition.

Be aware that the colors of our discount window blinds appearing on your screen may not exactly match our products. If identical color matching is important, please request free samples prior to ordering. Our goal is to make you another satisfied customer of My Beautiful Blinds. We will not offer refunds or exchanges for color matching issues without your prior request for samples.

For special requests, please email support@mybeautifulblinds.com or call Toll-Free 1-888-697-5287.

Our Blinds are custom made for your specific windows. With our low prices, we cannot offer exchanges or refunds for measuring errors. Please double check all measurements, both length and width, as well as the product selection and color.

Please expect 7-14 working days for your Blinds delivery via UPS.

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