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2" Premium Faux Blind with Tapes
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Premium Faux Blind with Tapes - 2"

Prices from $32.00
All the style of our wood blinds with cloth tape ladders but the savings of our Faux wood blinds. Faux wood window blinds with cloth tape ladders create a rich look that compliments your room and windows. Show your personal style and make your window stand out with an accent color of 1" Cloth Tape ladders on your faux wood blinds. Whether adding old world charm to your family room or a whimsical flair to your child's room, we have your new blinds with cloth ladders.

My Beautiful Blinds offers many color combination in our cloth tapes and our Faux Wood slat material to set your room apart. See how great we can make your room look together. My Beautiful Blinds offers you our factory direct prices making our premium discount blinds an affordable alternative.

As always, your blinds will have a heavy-duty steel head rail, so they will not sag. The Cloth Tape ladders offer both decorative and structural elements as well as providing superior light control. Compare our cheap prices, high quality and fast shipping on these and other discount blinds.
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