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My Beautiful Blinds has cheap 2" faux wood blinds offering you the look of wood, but at lower cost. Constructed from a high quality polyvinyl material.
Expand your view and enhance your room with our 2 1/2" Faux wood blinds. When open, the larger spacing between slats improve your view.
My Beautiful Blinds offers 2" North American Basswood wood blinds and other wood blinds made of Asian hardwoods, providing affordable real wood venetian blinds.
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Basswood Wood window blinds are a relatively light blind, popular for Beauty and Durability. Basswood has cross grains which limit warping and add character
Blinds with 2-1/2" basswood slats expand your view and enhance your room. These are true North American Basswood and carry a lifetime guarantee from warping.
My Beautiful Blinds offers a cheap 1" six gauge aluminum mini blind with an aluminum Slat valance. Exceptional pricing.
Our favorite look. Like fine furniture for your windows, real wood window blinds with cloth tape ladders create a rich look that compliments your furnishings.
All the style of our wood blinds with cloth tape ladders but the savings of our Faux wood blinds.
These are our Premium faux wood but less light passes through because the slats do not have the route holes.
These are Premium Basswood but less light passes through because the slats do not havet the route holes. Basswood is the perfect blind material.
Need a great price on 2" faux wood blinds? My Beautiful Blinds 2" Value Faux Wood Blind will be perfect for your home.
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All the benefits of our basic configuration 2-1/2" Faux wood blinds.. but affordable on any Budget.
Looking for the beauty of real wood blinds with rich stain colors? but not the high cost? Look no further.

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Are you window shopping for a Stylish way to decorate your window? Consider wooden window blinds and a window treatment from My Beautiful Blinds? We have the most popular window blinds to choose from in both painted and wood stains!

Whether you want wood window blinds, faux wood window blinds, cheap faux wood blinds, discount wood blinds or discount mini blinds we have them in colors to ignite your imagination.

We offer many types of blinds in various styles. We offer tips about selecting the right product, and instructions for how to measure windows for blinds for a perfect fit. You'll see photos of how beautiful our premium wood or faux wood window blinds can make your windows.

You can shop easily and confidently online for your new Blinds. Our suppliers have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing blinds, making your customer experience easy and rewarding.

We provide unsurpassed service and insured home delivery.

Improve your view here at My Beautiful Blinds! Customer service representatives are available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST 1-888-697-5287

On weekends via E-mail: support@mybeautifulblinds.com

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Quality premium wood and faux blinds at discount prices with free shipping Name brand products at discount prices
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